DEA System UK & IRE


About Us

Our Philosophy

We put a lot of effort into creating lasting relationships with both our customers and with members of our own team. In order to provide a professional service, we work to treat our customers as partners and mix historic traditions with cutting-edge concepts.

Every choice we make is based on the needs of our customers. At every stage, we work to go above and beyond expectations.

Who are DEA System?

DEA SYSTEM S.p.A. was established in Italy in 1993 by the current President Mr. Tiziano Lievore, with the aim of producing technologically advanced automation systems that have since become industry-leading and renowned for exceptional quality both mechanically and electronically.

For the past 30 years, our work has concentrated on the development of new technologies to give the greatest functionality and ease of use in compliance with present standards. Leading us to produce cutting-edge home and industrial automation systems.

Our extensive range of manufactured products includes gate automation systems for – sliding gates, barriers, intercoms and accessories.

All our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Piovene Rocchette, Italy.

Who are DEA System UK & IRE?

DEA System UK & IRE form 2 of the 13 DEA branches worldwide.

Our 1st branch was set up in Cookstown in County Tyrone in 2006 and in 2022 we more than doubled its operational capacity.

Our 2nd branch was opened in Braintree in Essex in 2013 and moved to Hatfield in Hertfordshire in 2017. In 2022 we expanded our Hatfield branch to its current greatly increased capacity.

These 2 branches combined offer more than 20,000 sqft. of warehousing space, multiple sales teams, multiple technical support teams and multiple training facilities. All put in place to support and service our vast customer base across the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Why choose DEA?

Professionals Only

We exclusively market to professionals
(no private customers and no DIY).

Safe and Reliable Automation

Made to be strong, safe, dependable and robust.

Support & Training

Whenever you require assistance or advice,
contact us.

Made In Italy

Our complete product line is produced in Italy.

The Professional choice for the Professional installer.

Our products are designed with the Professional installer in mind.

DEA products are designed and manufactured to be installed by fully qualified gate automation engineers. Our products also take inspiration and where applicable advice from our customers in their refinement and development.

We choose to only sell our products to trained and qualified companies, therefore providing consumers with the knowledge that their DEA installation will be of the highest standard and in turn, will run reliably long into the future.


Why do you only sell to professionals?

We feel that because our automation systems are produced with such care and attention to detail, the installation should be done in a similar professional manner.

Not everyone is adept at correctly and safely installing an automation system. To ensure operation and safety, a high level of expertise and training is necessary.

For this reason, DEA only makes its goods available to legitimate installation specialists through a policy of restricted distribution and controlled pricing.

Why don't you sell online?

Because DEA supports their professionals, we have decided to protect their work by restricting sales to traditional channels only.

We are like the automations we produce: reliable.

All the support you need.

We are always available when you need advice or assistance and we do so in a timely, efficient and welcoming manner.

We do this because we value building strong relationships with both our customers and clients. Every time we make a point of exceeding customer expectations.

If you need a quote or have any concerns or enquiries, our sales teams are available to help.

Additionally, we have committed technical support teams that are always available to assist you through any problems or questions you encounter.

All the training you need.

✅ Training for technical experts
✅ Training for the sales force
✅ Training for customers
✅ Open Day Events at our branches
✅ Open Day Events at your sales outlet

Training sessions can be organised by our team at any time, either physically or virtually.

You can learn about the finer details of our products, including how to recommend them to your clients and how to install them effectively for optimum performance.

What about our products? We make them ourselves!
What about our electronics? We also make them ourselves!

We have 2 production sites in Italy.

Each DEA product is totally conceived and developed in-house. We design, produce and assemble both the mechanical and electronic components of our products.

Unlike many of our competitors, DEA controls the entire manufacturing and production process, and we have put strategies in place to make sure we don’t outsource any of our production-related activities.

All of our electronic components that control our automations are designed and produced at DEA HT, our electronic components facility. This enables us to guarantee the quality of each and every component, which should not be undervalued given that our technology is linked to people’s safety, this is a crucial component of our business. 

Safe automation - robust operation.

All of our products are strong and dependable because they are manufactured of high-quality materials that stand the test of time – such as bronze and steel.

Our motors have high-performance magnetic encoders that ensure a quiet, secure and smooth movement. They have a simple understated appearance with only the necessities—nothing extra.

At our DEA headquarters in Piovene Rocchette, Italy, each component is rigorously inspected before being fully assembled.

Motor & Control Unit Guarantee

Our products come with a 3-year warranty
that covers both the motor and control unit.

EN Certification​

Our products have been certified by EN 12453 and EN 12445 for the safety of automation systems, and they comply with European requirements.

Powerful hardware, with a smart soul

By installing a DEA automation with NET-COM, you can easily manage your client’s automation from the comfort of your van, office, or even your home. Helping avoid traffic, unnecessary visits and wasted time.

This smart solution allows you to remotely set and correct parameters and controls the advanced management and diagnostics of the automation.

DE@NET - only one control board for all of our operators

✅ You only need one control board (available in 230V or 24V) to cover all of our operators.

✅ Program the control board with the use of the DEAinstaller smartphone app.

✅ Save all your installation data in the DEACloud database.

✅ Control installed boards with NETLINK technology for remote maintenance of the system with NET-COM.

✅ Access to all product manuals from the DEAinstaller app.

DEAinstaller - the only app you need

DEAinstaller is the App dedicated to the professional DEA installer which allows you to program and manage your installation in a simple and intuitive way from your smartphone.


If you use it in conjunction with the NET-NODE you can:

✅ backup of all of your installations’ data

✅ easily adjust the parameters of your control boards

✅ update the firmware

✅ program the maintenance

✅ control, manage or personalise the remotes

✅ view the technical manuals or have a look at the electrical connections

✅ manage the control boards inputs and outputs

✅ use the App to control the automation

DEA Installer Toolkit - our installers online toolkit

Our new DEA Installer Toolkit

Proving access to:

✅ The Installers Handbook

✅ DEA Manuals

✅ Wiring Diagrams

✅ One button press to connect to our technical support team.

➕ much much more.

We also offer next day delivery anywhere across the United Kingdom and Ireland

If you would like any further information, please click here to contact us.